PIAW begins!

PIAW begins!

Dear All  
Here is my PIAW (Play in a Week) special!

Day 1. Hope you all like it!  

First of all I arrived at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley with Anna Vere and Sonas Musana from  Cambridge Road and Sam Keelan from Hemmet House. Stephen did not want to take part. Our driver was Phil.      

We started with a warm up session. Brandon then explained about us about using puppets and wearing costumes in this year’s production. It’s called Oh No, It’s Raining!  It is based on Noah’s Ark, and was was written by a lady called Rachel Barnett. Brandon then gave out the script for the play; I play a lion, Anna Vere is a giraffe, Sam Keelan is an elephant and Sonas Musana will help with technical matters.  

There are several other Freewheelers taking part including Rachel Mold, Nick Russell, Daniel Galliford and Ashley Lucas – as either animals or humans.  Plus there are performers from The Nomad Theatre itself, The Grange Centre, Bookham, and The Harbour Day Centre, Farnham. Plus other people from other places. 

We are performing at The Nomad Theatre on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. 

I think we then started to rehearse Oh No, It’s  Raining! from the start to page 14, then we had a break time.  

Afterwards we continued to rehearse the production from where we left off till the end.  Then was lunch time. 

In the afternoon we looked at the songs from the play.  Starting with Wood and Nails on page 4, then was  Rain, Rain, Rainy Rain on page 7. Next was Get Me Off  This Boat on page 23 and finally a Finale song on page 27 (not sure of its title yet).

They play is about the animals trying to change the Earth for the better, as they think the humans messed it up.

More all this week at The Nomad Theatre with the performances on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, when relatives and friends of cast members will be coming too. 

I am pretty sure it will go well, despite the hot weather forecast for the week.  On that topic my mum has kindly helped pay for some Air Cooler Machines that arrived at The Nomad today.  I am sure these will help. I think rehearsals went well today and I hope they will continue to so do during the week.

Here is part 2 of my PIAW review.

We started by arriving at The Nomad Theatre with  Sam Keelan as an elephant, Anna Vere a giraffe,  Sonas Musana  on the technical side, and myself as a lion.   

First of all the Finale song on page 27. Not sure on the title yet? 

We then sang the opening song from the production: Wood and Nails on page 4.

Next a break time. Then more on the Finale song after which it was break time again. Next, the songs from  Oh No! It’s Raining. First was Wood and Nails, then Rain, Rain, Rainy Rain on page 7,  next was Get Me Off The Boat (page 23) and finally the Finale song on page 27 (again), then lunch.  

In the afternoon we continued to rehearse Oh No! It’s  Raining!  

Then we started by splitting up; one group rehearsed the Mythical Creatures Scenes (a Centaur, Minotaur,  Dodo, Phoenix and Unicorn) – they were in one room.  Others were in a different room with Brandon to rehearse the flamingo scene, and the rest (including myself) were with Andrea in the main room. 

We rehearsed some of the songs from the production  again.  We then got back together to sing the Get Me Off The Boat song on page 23.  Followed by a new sea shanty scene (not sure where this will be in the play).      
We then had a cool down session.  Day 3 to follow.

Andy M