Oh, No! It’s Raining!

Oh, No! It’s Raining!

Dear All  
Here is my review of PIAW (Play In A Week) performance, called Oh, No! It’s Raining! at The Nomad Theatre, East Horsley. 

Day 1 – Saturday afternoon  

Arrived at The Nomad Theatre with Anna Vere and Sonas Musana from Cambridge Road and Sam Keelan and myself from Hemmet House. 

We first got into our costumes. Anna was a giraffe, Sam an elephant, Sonas  was doing technical matters, and I was a lion. 

Other Freewheelers taking part are Nick Russell as a robin, Ashley Lucas a minotaur, and  Daniel Galliford a unicorn. Plus there were others from The Nomad Theatre, The Grange Centre, Bookham and The Harbour Day Centre, Farnham as the rest of the animals. 

Then a dress rehearsal. Next, break time for most of us, except some who rehearsed some scenes to make them clearer to the audience.  Then tea time. 

In the evening we some warm up sessions; Brandon took physical, and Jay Bristow (musician) took verbal. 

Then was Performance Day 1. 

Afterwards we watched a film about how the week went – it was good. 

We then got back into our normal clothes and chatted to the audience including my mum and other relatives and friends of cast members. My mum said she thought it went well, as did everybody else. I was pleased.  

Day 2 Performance of Oh, No! It’s Raining!  

I think it went well and hope the other cast members will think so too!  We got to the theatre in the afternoon – not sure what time. Then got into our costumes; I think I already said who the cast were?  There was one change – Sonas stood in for someone else (as an armadillo); he did not mind. 

Then we got into our costumes. Then we practiced the various animal entrances and exits several times.  Then a warm up session with Brandon.

Next, Performance Day 2 of Oh, No! It’s Raining! written by Rachel Barnett and Josh Sadler, and with music by Jay Bristow. 

After the performance, we watched a film on how the Play In A Week went – then an aftershow party in the Theatre Bar. 

I think it went well? I hope all the rest of the cast members and audience will think so too.

Andy M