Freewheelers return to The Bridge

Freewheelers return to The Bridge

Dear All 

Here is my normal drama blog for this week.  I may not include everything but will try and mention most items; hope everyone understands this?  The only visitor was Sebastian (Brandon’s younger son), and those not there  were Sonas, Andrea, Luke H and Ems.

We started by Brandon welcoming us all back from the August summer break. Zena said she may appear in The Undateables on Channel Four sometime later in the year – not sure on transmission date yet. Then Pip  mentioned two events: first of all we may perform Do Not Disturb at St George’s Hospital, Tooting in February next year sometime and we may go to The House Of Lords sometime in the future.

Brandon said some scenes from Do Not Disturb will have to be filmed at various locations before our first performance at St George’s, Tooting. 

We then a warm up session with Richard Watson and Brandon.  Next  we rehearsed Do Not Disturb from the start to Page 10.  Then we had lunch.

In the afternoon we continued to rehearse Do Not Disturb from Page 10 till the finish. Just to say, during the morning’s rehearsals, I filled in for Luke H who plays Marcel (based on Manuel, from Fawlty Towers).  Dan took over this role in the afternoon, as I had to play my normal part of the father of ‘patient’ Robbie (played by Richard Watson). Terri plays the mother; Jamie, the brother; and Zena, the girlfriend. As I have said previously, these scenes are  emotional. 

Brandon said we did well, despite having had the August summer break, but some scenes still need working on to make it clearer to the audience.  Terri as met up with the author of Do Not Disturb (Anita Sullivan) to discuss some scenes.

In conclusion, I think today’s rehearsal went well. I hope everyone else who was there will agree?      

Andy M