Thinking about digital footprints

Thinking about digital footprints

Dear All  
Here is this week’s normal drama entry hope you all enjoy it?  

The only visitor was Haddon(?), who came to The  Bridge Centre in the afternoon to talk to Brandon and some of the volunteers about digital footprints.  Those not there were Ems, Nick Walenski and Ashley. 

We started with Brandon telling us about Haddon  coming to The Bridge Centre in the afternoon to talk to volunteers about Digital Footprints and watch us rehearse for Do Not Disturb.  Then Brandon said we will need to do some filming for some of the scenes for Do Not Disturb at a hotel in Brooklands, Surrey, at a date to be confirmed. We will also need to film other scenes from the production at various  other locations (at dates to be confirmed).

Then we had a warm up session with Richard Watson. Next, we rehearsed Do Not Disturb from the start to page 11. (Medical Terms song?) 

Then was lunch time, during which Haddon came to have a talk with Brandon and some of the Freewheeler volunteers.

In the afternoon we continued with rehearsals for Do Not Disturb, from where we left off (page 11) to the finish. Haddon watched some of this rehearsal. I think he liked it, and was impressed with them. 

In conclusion, I think drama went well this week and I hope everyone else who was there will agree!

Andy M