Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect!

Dear All  
Here is my normal drama for this week.  Hope you all like it!
The only visitor was John Beer (sound technician) and those not there were Ems, Mathew James and Dan plus volunteer (Alison). 

We started with Brandon telling us all that John Beer will be coming in the  afternoon to talk to Brandon and some of the Freewheelers’ volunteers about improving the sound of Freewheelers Productions in the future.

Brandon then said that one of the Freewheelers volunteers (I think her name was Jenny) was unwell so could we all sign a Get Well card for her during lunch break and also send her a Get Well message by computer. We all said that would be fine. 

Next Brandon said we will have to go to a hotel in Brooklands, Surrey, to rehearse some scenes from Do Not Disturb. Then a warm up session with Andrea and Brandon. 

Next we rehearsed the Wake Up, Robbie song scene from the play, followed by lunch during which John Beer came to talk to Brandon and some others. I think the meeting went well on this topic? 

In the afternoon we continued rehearsing Do Not Disturb – the Wake Up  Robbie song scene from start to finish with Andrea several times to get it right.  Then we rehearsed the production from the start to the Argument  song scene on page 13.

Brandon said we all did very well although some of us needed to read our lines more.  We all understood this. 

In conclusion I think we all did pretty well this week and hope all the rest will think so too!

From Andy M