Argument Songs at The Bridge

Argument Songs at The Bridge

Dear All  
Here is my drama blog for today.

This week the only visitor was Bernice (possible new volunteer). Those not there were Rachel, Nick Walenski, Richard Watson and Dan. 

We started by welcoming Bernice. Then Brandon told us all that volunteers  Jenny and Alison are both unwell at the moment, so could we sign a Get Well Card for them today. We all said we would like to. 

Next, a warm up session with Andrea. Then we rehearsed Do Not Disturb, from the start to page 13 – The Argument Song scene. Then was lunch. 

In the afternoon we continued with rehearsals for Do Not Disturb, from page 13 (Argument Song scene) to the end. 

Brandon said we did well, as there were some script changes. Although he also added that some of us needed to rehearse our script or lines more.  We all understood this. 

Finally we all signed the Get Well cards for Jenny and Alison.

I think we all did well today and I hope everyone else who was there this week will think so too.

Andy M.