Happy Birthday, Andy!

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Dear All  
Here is my normal drama blog for this week.  Hope you all like it! 

This week we had no visitors and those not there were Luke T and Jamie.  We started in the morning by watching a recording of the Get Well message we all sent to a Freewheeler volunteer a few weeks ago.  We then sent it to Jenny.  Brandon then said we need to film some scenes from Do Not Disturb at a hotel in Brooklands, Surrey on October 30th.

Next, a warm up session with Anna Vere and Brandon. Then we rehearsed Do Not Disturb from the Wake Up, Robbie! song to the finish. 

Next was lunchtime, during which everyone sang Happy Birthday for me for tomorrow – when I will be 53. I was pleased with this.  

In the afternoon we rehearsed Do Not Disturb from the start to the finish  several times to get it right, and included some changes to some of the lines in the script. Brandon said we did quite well considering all the script changes; although some of us needed more rehearsals – we all understood this. 

In conclusion I think we all did pretty well this week and I hope the rest who  were there will agree? 

Andy M