DJ Siren is in the house

DJ Siren is in the house

Hello all

Today in drama the only visitor was Anne Burrill (Marketing consultant). The only one not there was Dan. 

We started with Brandon telling us all that when Mathew James plays DJ  Siren in Do Not Disturb, a special box or booth will be built for him.

Brandon then said that we need to film the hotel scenes from Do Not Disturb at a hotel in Brooklands, Surrey on October 30th. Not everyone is needed for this – only Ems as Mr Sardine; Sam Keelan as Beryle / Sybil; Nick Russell as Cyril / Basil; and Luke H as Marcel / Manuel in the Fawlty Towers related scenes.  We then rehearsed from the argument scene in Do Not Disturb to end. Then we had lunch, during which Anne Burrill (Marketing consultant) talked to Brandon and Freewheelers volunteers about how to promote The Freewheelers to people who do not know about us. 

In the afternoon Brandon said that when Do Not Disturb goes on tour next year, The Freewheelers will pay for the cost of the transport to all the different venues. Brandon then said we need to design a logo and to make up a jingle for Mathew James (playing DJ Siren) for his radio station ‘Radio Five Alive’.  We need it in a couple of weeks’ time, for when musician Tom Gray comes to The Bridge Centre to see The Freewheelers. 

Then we continued to rehearse Do Not Disturb from start to finish. Brandon said we are all doing quite well, although some of us need to rehearse our lines some more.  We all understood this. 

Brandon then rehearsed those taking part in the hotel scenes from Do Not Disturb – I think I mentioned earlier? 

In conclusion I think we did pretty well today and I hope the others who were there will think so too!  

Andy M