Remember, remember, Freewheelers’ Film Night soon!

Remember, remember, Freewheelers’ Film Night soon!

Today in drama our only visitor was Analise(?), a possible volunteer. Those not there were Peter Higson, Ems and Anthony O’Sullivan.  We started by introducing ourselves to Analise, by saying our names and who we play in Do Not Disturb.

We then watched a film on last week when we filmed for the Argument or Blame Game scene from Do Not Disturb. We said it went well. We then watched the film taken last week at a hotel in Brooklands, Surrey from the Fawlty Towers scenes. We thought they went well.

Then we rehearsed Do Not Disturb from the start to page 21 – the Wake Up,  Robbie song. We had to rehearse some scenes several times to get them right as we have a new script.

Next was lunch.  In the afternoon, we did more rehearsals for Do Not Disturb – from page 21, the Wake Up, Robbie song scene till the end.  We again had to rehearse some scenes several times to get them correct. 

Brandon then said he will see us next week, except for those of us who may go the Freewheelers’ Film Night at Dorking Halls this Wednesday, November 6th (including myself!)  Brandon hoped to see lots of us there.  We said we will do our best to do so. 

In conclusion, I think we did well today, and I hope the others who were there will think so too! 

By Andy M