More ‘Disturbance’ at The Bridge

More ‘Disturbance’ at The Bridge

Dear All  
Here is this week’s drama blog.  Hope you all like it? 

This week our only visitor was Sebastian, the son of Brandon. He helped do  some filming for Do Not Disturb. Those not there were Soufyan, Nick  Walenski and Andrea.  

We started with Brandon telling us all that the hotel scenes from Do Not Disturb will be filmed at a hotel in Brooklands, Surrey, on October 30th. Not everyone is involved; only the people in the Fawlty Towers connected scenes. These are: Ems as a lady who complains about the view from her hotel – her character name is Mrs Sardine. Then, Sam Keelan as Beryle / Sybil Fawlty; Nick Russell as Cyril / Basil Fawlty; and Luke H as Marcel / Manuel. 

Then we rehearsed the Blame Game / Argument Song scene from Do Not Disturb, in groups. I started off in the family scene with Richard Watson as Robbie; Terri his mother; Zena, the girlfriend; Jamie, the brother and myself as the father.

Then we got back together to rehearse the Argument Song scene again, but this time playing musical instruments like guitars. We all sang. We did this scene all on the stage in different groups; I was in the family group again. Our group was called Robbie’s Family Ravers. Other group names were  Hotel Hell Raisers and this was great fun. Then was lunch time. 

In the afternoon we continued with rehearsals for the Blame Game /  Argument Song scene from Do Not Disturb, but this time individually or in a smaller group. Brandon said we all did very well. 

Then we rehearsed the additional scene from Do Not Disturb.

I forgot to say we all read through in the morning as our characters from Do Not Disturb.  Brandon then said he will see us all next week, apart from the Fawlty Towers characters – they will go to the hotel in Brooklands, Surrey, on October 30th to rehearse their scenes. 

In conclusion, I think we all did very well this week and I hope everyone else who was there will agree! 

By Andy M