Freewheelers Theatre and Media are most grateful to all our photographers and thank them for their talents and their time.

If you would like more information about any of the photographs featured on this website, then please email

Ava de Souza

Ava has worked with us voluntarily on many occasions since we first moved out into the community in North Leatherhead. She visited the Nomad theatre with us, and took pictures that were revelatory, allowing a glimpse into what people are like inside. Ava has photographed the majority of our productions, and has said that “Freewheelers is in her heart”.

Andy Newbold

As our local photographer, Andy has helped us out on many occasions. He is the official photographer for the Leatherhead Drama Festival, and took some great pictures at the DAiSY Festival, hosted at Leatherhead Theatre earlier on in 2017.

Clive Thompson

Another one of our awesome volunteers, Clive started working with us at the beginning of 2017, and has produced wonderful shots for the Degas Dance Performance.

George Xander

We are very fortunate that George has also started working voluntarily with us in 2017. He has been working on company headshots, and has produced some lovely pictures of the Music Sessions.

Rachel Cherry

Rachel photographed ‘Haunted: The Blood Curdling Musical’, a tale of two lovers who meet under spooky circumstances, at the Nomad Theatre.

Susan Greenwood

Susan captured some shots of ‘Your Call is Important to Us’ in stunning black and white.

Eddie Fulleylove

Eddie has also helped us in our quest to gather some great company headshots that are featured on the website.

Stephen Candy

Stephen helped us out by taking some great pictures of ‘Amandla!’ and ‘Destiny Betrayed’ at the QEII School, Horsham.

Kevin Ireland

Kevin is also another of our photographers who assisted in producing stunning images of the ‘Amandla!’ performance, this time at Bede House, Southwark.

Neal Scheurer

Neal was one of the great photographers who captured the DAiSY Festival at G Live, Guildford.

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