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Our Media workshops are led by our Media Tutor Chris Haydon and film-maker and writer Gary Thomas, who tackle film-making and production from concept to delivery, including story structure, scripting, camera and editing.

We produce film, drama and documentary and online audio productions.

Our Media Workshops

Tuesdays at The Bridge Youth Centre, Leatherhead, 10am-12 noon & 12:45pm – 4pm

Thursdays at Cobham Centre for the Community. 10am-12 noon (term time only)
Examples of our work can be found on our Vimeo page.

Current Projects

Current projects in production include a surreal drama “Ted’s gone funny” by Pete, a radio drama “Romans” by Paul and film by Richard about isolation titled “Bubbles”.

Currently in development are a number of projects including two involving Luke, the first of which is a dance piece about darkness and visual impairment while the other is the third film in our WW1 Centenary series commemorating the Armistice.  Other projects in development include a transport documentary offering satire on the Southern Rail strike and “Topwheel”.

We have just started shooting a film drama titled “Jingles” about an out of work actor who is struggling with depression following the 7/7 bombings and we have just published the script for a radio play titled “Sherlock Holmes and The WMD”.

Currently in post-production is documentary “Belt, Braces and Disability 2” which revisits the story of three Freewheelers members who were first filmed in 2010. Their stories have moved on, in two cases, dramatically.

Keep up with us and our latest projects on the media blog.

Examples of our past projects can be found here under ‘films’.

The Media Group also contributed to our Mandela play Amandla! We worked with disabled visual artist Rachel Gadsden on this production.

Recently, we created an infomercial drama about the health service called Do Not Resuscitate and a dance duet.

Following Just for the Ride we have produced a second short film dedicated to the cavalry who fought in the First World War. This features another original song written and performed by Luke Tye.

If you are interested in joining our Media Workshops please email or call Jacqui on 07925 298 347. Previous experience is not necessary.

Would you like to work behind the scenes in production?