We are on the MANDELA trail this year, joining with the Tuesday dance group to produce a two act play about Nelson Mandela. We will perform it in early December at Leatherhead Theatre. Apart from live drama on stage, the play will also have dance and video. We are creating art work for projection too, and learning African drumming!

There is a possibility we will soon be able to announce an addition to the Company specifically for the Mandela play. The play is called “AMANDLA!”, which means power. For Black Africans under Apartheid all the power lay with the white Government. Mandela dedicated his life to the Struggle for power. This meant Freedom for his people.

Disabled people have their own struggles – physical often, and medical too, social of course when we bump into people’s various attitudes to disability, financial when we want to travel anywhere the costs can be enormous, spiritual because you have to keep going despite everything.

So we think we are a pretty good company of actors to undertake this great project, even though we are largely white!