Festive productions and moving into 2016!

Festive productions and moving into 2016!

Dear All 

Here is the first drama blog for 2016. We did a lot so I may not mention everything but will try and include most items we did do. We started in the morning with Brandon welcoming us back after the Christmas and New Year break. The only visitor was Brandon’s young son, Sebastian, and the only one not there was Ems.

Then Brandon said 2016 will be a busy year for The Freewheelers, starting with the tour of Destiny Betrayed in Eastbourne – dates to be confirmed. Then Brandon asked who had been out to shows or events during the break: I started with seeing the show Wonder.Land at The National Theatre with my mum and dad last week – I said I quite liked it.

Jamie saw the new Star Wars film – I think he liked it. Both Sam K and Dan saw the Snoopy and Charlie Brown film recently; both liked it. Mathew James saw the film called The Danish Girl – he said he quite liked it. 

Dan also saw a Frank Sinatra tribute show and enjoyed it; Richard saw a show in Sussex (I cannot remember what it was called but I think he liked it). Zena saw The Nomads’ production of Cinderella last year and loved it. I mentioned that I will be seeing Peter Pan at Wimbledon Theatre with my mum and friend on Sunday, and will try to remember to bring a programme for it on the Monday afterwards.

Brandon and Sebastian saw the pantomime of Peter Pan in Sussex last week with someone from children’s television in it.  Brandon also saw a Carole King show (a lady who wrote songs for several well known singers over the years) and Slava’s Snow Show – he said that he and Sebastian enjoyed it.

We then watched some films by Chris Crane, including one we  all did last year on amending the Freewheelers’ logo. We said it was good, and saw the promotional film to be shown at Leatherhead Theatre at a future date. We said it was quite good be needed to be added to.

Then we read through a possible new play for the group, about mobile phones and a train crash. Then was lunch, during which I watched rehearsals for Big Laboratory Bang to be performed at Redhill on Wednesday at a school. I will not be needed for this one as the person I am understudy for (Nick as Professor Mike) can do it. I did not mind. This was during lunch break.  

In the afternoon we started with a warm up with Andrea, then we did more on the train crash play, but this time with props and actions. We did it several times to get it right. Brandon said we did it quite well and may perform it in the future, but we may also do some other plays, both serious and funny.  

I think today went well and I hope the rest will think so too.

By Andy M