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By getting involved with Freewheelers you will be able to provide an inclusive education to the pupils at your school as well as champion equality between disabled and non-disabled students.

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The Equality Act 2010 replaced nine major Acts of Parliament and provides a single source of discrimination law. This was an important step that would make it easier for schools to understand their legal responsibilities and tackle inequalities in education.

Hosting Freewheelers workshops will allow you to provide a more rounded education surrounding disability and teach students that there are more similarities than differences between each other.

Our ‘Trust’ workshops are popular within educational environments and give students the opportunity to break down barriers, be inquisitive and ask questions about disability; all while having fun. Find out more about our ‘Trust’ workshops here.

There are many ways that schools can get involved with the Freewheelers.

See some ideas below:

Host workshops
Make us your named charity
Lend us your venue

If your school has an accessible theatre, why not lend us your venue to perform our productions?

Duke of Edinburgh

Your students can complete the volunteer section of their DofE awards with Freewheelers

And Many More!

We’re open to all types of involvement so if you have other ideas of ways to help us please get in touch!

Provide a well rounded and inclusive education!