A Man of Many Parts: A blog by Richard

A Man of Many Parts: A blog by Richard

Monday Drama: I really enjoy drama on Mondays and I enjoyed doing Destiny Betrayed. Now we are splitting into three groups: 1.  Stand Up Comedy, 2.  Singing,   3. script writing with Brandon and Peter (my favourite thing).

Tuesday Dance: I really like listening to Andrea and following what I’ve been told to do with the group. At the moment we are building a Summer Showcase and I am doing a duet with Stuart as part of a performance about Paintings.

Tuesday Drama: I like the way Brandon does different things around “Space”

Thursday Dance: I am the mentor for the Thursday dance workshops. I run the warm-ups, sometimes sharing with Sarah. I fill in when other people are ill. I remind people to be on time with the music.

“Amandla!” Rehearsals on Fridays: I like working with Chris. He is fun to work with. We have changed parts around a bit and I have to do a bit more. I have a solo as the Young Mandela.

Coming to Freewheelers: When I started coming to Freewheelers I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but the first day Brandon showed me and my mum and dad round and I enjoyed a warm up, then I really liked it. Now, three years later, I am proud to be a part of Freewheelers.