Richard Watson talks about Freewheelers

Richard Watson talks about Freewheelers

Monday. This morning I enjoyed doing the warm-up, and then we start working.

We all went to the London Bus Museum to do some filming for a dance film that I am in. It was cold and wet day, but Brandon said, ‘do you want to go in a puddle, up and down?’ It was fun to do. And I put my hand up to stop the bus when all the people got in; that made my day!

Tuesday Dance, with Chris and Andrea. In the morning, I enjoyed doing a dance piece about paintings – because we are putting on a show – and I like doing it with the group as well.

I have got a few words in the play and I am still doing a solo dance I am happy with.  I am so excited for the next show in July, with all the cast of Amandla!

I am so happy doing Amandla! with Chris and Andrea; now we are doing a long version of it. It will be great and I love doing it with the group.

Tuesday Drama. I like the way Brandon does different things in and around the space, and I just love doing it.  I like the warm ups in the afternoon, and we are doing Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard. And now we doing something around space, and we putting that on a film and some parts are going to be live.