Visit to Trestle Theatre

Visit to Trestle Theatre

A blog by Matthew J, member of the Monday Company

Monday 30th January 2017

Freewheelers went to visit Trestle Theatre in St Albans. Trestle Theatre was first formed in 1981. Trestle has 2 patrons Jim Broadbent and Nina Conti. I’m really excited that Nina is going to be a Patron. It fits really well. Trestle mainly works with Masks and Mime. We had a tour round the building. The masks are made by using a Vacuum former. It takes around 40 seconds for the plastic to go hard. They also do ballet classes for children.

Later in the afternoon we tried lots of different masks on. They show lots of different facial expressions and emotions. The half masks have their own voice attached to it. When trying the mask on it feels as if the person is completely transformed into someone else. It’s amazing. I liked the mask that Andrea tried on, although I thought it was scary, it felt like it took me to another place.

Lastly we picked 2 masks to show how we felt when starting Freewheelers and one to express where you see Freewheelers in the next 5 to 10 years. My first mask had me looking a bit worried and not sure what to expect and the second looking forward to the future. Who knows?

It was great day. Thank you to everyone at Trestle Theatre for an enjoyable day

Matthew J